How to get the status (% complete) of an action?

Is there a way to get the “% complete” for an action that’s shown in the console via the API or is that something that’s calculated based on computer reports?

I don’t think “% complete” is directly a property but you could calculate it based on results via a session relevance query using the api.

I can’t check/debug right now but it would be something like

(number of statuses whose (it="Complete" or it="Not Relevant") of results of it / number of results of it) of bes actions whose("whatever action filter")

Thanks. This might not be the “correct” right way to do it but it works:

((number of statuses whose (it as string = "Fixed" OR it as string = "Not Relevant") of results of it as floating point / number of results of it as floating point) * 100) of bes actions whose(id of it = 27206)

There may be a few other statuses that I’ll have to check for but this is a good start.