How to get support from IBM?

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Alright, I’ve been a bigfix customer for almost four years (yay!) Then, IBM bought BigFix (meh.) Then I decided to try to register for support (oh noes) because I’m migrating from 2003 to 2008 R2.

Today, I got an IBM ID and called 3 different customer service numbers I found associated with contract fulfillment, IBM IDs, etc whatever I could find. Through accents thicker than blackstrap molasses, I discovered that if I don’t have my “IBM number” or “contract number” or several other I’m-fairly-sure-are-made-up things, I’m boned.

Can any of my OG BigFix homies help a brother out? Where do I get the magical information about my license and support entitlements, and where do I enter this magical information so that a world of unicorns and software updates becomes available?

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yea… Let me check and I will email you…