How to get fixlet list and

How to get Fixlet list shows only fixlet in baseline with filter content Baseline name.

I don’t think there is a way to do that.

The closest you can get to is something like this:

(name of it, (if (exists source fixlet of it) then (name of source fixlet of it) else (nothing)) of components of component groups of it) of bes fixlets whose (baseline flag of it and name of it contains "SomeName")

Just FYI, there is a problem with the report/data ONCE the components become out of sync (newer version is there) - essentially, the report will ALWAYS show you the new version of the fixlet irrespective of the fact whether you’ve actually “sync’ed” them yet or NOT. This happens because the baseline technically contains a copy of the original fixlet that no longer exist but it still contains the ID of the same/updated fixlet. Unfortunately, it is a known limitation that impacts couple of different scenarios, including ability to report fixlet compliance (another use-case was discussed here) but no solution yet.