How to get all values dmi/smbios property

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Just like the title says, i want to pull all the values for “bios_information”.

something like

  • of bios_information of dmi

string value “*” of structure “bios_information” of smbios

do help me out.

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can someone help me on this?

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something like that ?

q: (name of it, it) of (values of structure “bios_information” of smbios)

A: vendor, American Megatrends Inc.

A: bios_version, 0808

A: bios_starting_address_segment, 61440

A: bios_release_date, 03/08/2010

A: bios_rom_size, 31

A: bios_characteristics, 6434840208

A: system_bios_major_release, 8

A: system_bios_minor_release, 15

A: embedded_controller_firmware_major_release, 255

A: embedded_controller_firmware_minor_release, 255

A: , 0

T: 0.186 ms

I: plural ( string, smbios value )

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perfect, thanks!

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Some related analyses:

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Thanks stew!