How to get a Masthead file?


I would like to get a Masthead file for an application site. Is there any way to get it besides copy it from an subscribed computer C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData\BES Support__Local?

Not understanding what you mean by ‘a masthead for an application site’. There is one masthead, which is available via something like wget http://:52311/masthead/masthead.afxm [You can also do this in a browser].


If you are asking if you can copy mastheads for external sites, say from one deployment to another, to get a subscription then no you cannot do that.

All the handling of these masheads for the external sites are done through the console in the BigFix Management section

The masthead file is also downloadable at http://servername:port/masthead/masthead.afxm i.e. http://myHost:52311/masthead/masthead.afxm

Ajit Khodke