How to force task execution immediately?

On execution tab of take action, i set Ends on to half an hour later. and It’s almost a dozen minutes before the mission starts. I hope my task will be carried out immediately. how to do?

The biggest thing is to ensure you have good networrk connectivity out to the client. If UDP-52311 is being blocked between the Relay and Client, or TCP-52311 is blocked between a Parent Relay and Child Relay, you will experience delays because the client is not notified that a new Action is available. Have a check on that to see whether that’s the problem.

In addition to what @JasonWalker has indicated, you also need to be aware of how other items can impact the Evaluation cycle of your clients and how your clients actually function.

Be default, a BES Client will “work” for 10 milliseconds, then “sleep” for 480 milliseconds.

This means that if a property evaluation takes longer than 10 milliseconds, that’s the only thing the client will do that cycle. Primary offenders of this are things like WMI queries.

Another pain point can be baselines. Once a client begins to evaluate the relevance for a baseline, that’s what it does until it finishes the evaluation (this is because ALL the Relevance for ALL the components are combined to determine if the client is relevant to the baseline). The more components in the baseline, the longer the evaluation takes.

If you want to look for “offending” content, you can enable the Client Usage Profiler. There is a Task for this in the BES Support site. “TROUBLESHOOTING: Enable BES Client Usage Profiler”. Enable it and let it run for a bit. It will tell you what your most “expensive” content is.