How to find deleted servers

I am sure that someone already asked this but i cannot find it.
I need to locate deleted servers and who deleted them. Is it possible to obtain this info? And if yes, how? I searched but i am was unable to find it. Few articles are showing how to restore them, but we do not want to restore them, we just want to see which servers are deleted in BigFix console and who deleted them.

Thanks A

You can only find deleted computers within the BigFix server database, but we do not track who deleted them. Deleting a computer from the console, doesn’t actually do anything on the endpoint, so if it is still running an agent, the computer will reappear in the console automatically.

We are looking to enhance our audit logging early next year to track computer deletions.

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Hi Steve,

Is the audit logging already available? Thanks

Not yet. Look for it in the next release in Q3.