How to find a module or dll in use by a running application

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I am trying to add some custom action logic to a fixlet to update QuickTime Player. The scenario is this: if QuickTime is not in use on the system, I can safely upgrade it without interrupting the user. However if QuickTime is in use, I want to alert the user that the upgrade will kill any running instances of the player.

It is easy enough to check for the standalone player:

If {(exists running application whose (name of it as lowercase is "quicktimeplayer.exe) or exists running application whose (name of it as lowercase is “itunes.exe”))}

// warn the user


// run silently

Is there a way to look for a running application iexplore.exe that has a handle to qtplugin.ocx? Is there an inspector that can see files that a running application has loaded?

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Hi dnlongen,

I don’t know of any way to get this data unless you can somehow find this information somewhere in the registry or the file system or maybe WMI…