How to escape double quotes in relevance

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Hi in my relevance I need to search for a line in a reg file that is in the application directory, how do I do that ? Can someone help please

The req file has the following line –


How do I do the following in my relevance -

(not exists lines containing bGroupActivate"=dword:00000001 of file “XYZ.reg” of folder (“C:\Program Files (x86)\ABC”))

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Try %22 instead of the quote character:

(not exists lines containing “%22bGroupActivate%22=dword:00000001” of file “XYZ.reg” of folder (“C:\Program Files (x86)\ABC”))

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Thanks for the response noah,

I did try %22 before based upon this posting I found on the site, however this does not seem to work. I should get False answer to the following, but I am getting True.

q: not exists lines containing “%22bGroupActivate%22=dword:00000000” of file “XYZ.reg” of folder (“C:\Program Files (x86)\ABC”)

A: True

T: 0.640 ms

I: singular Boolean

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You relevance is correctly escaping the quotes. I think you have a different problem. Are you sure a line containing exactly that string exists in XYZ.reg?


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Thanks Jesse, checked in relevance debugger, lines in a reg file are not being read. I have modified the relevance based upon date modified for the file. Thanks for replying…

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Hi Rahul,

There’s no normal reason the relevance debugger wouldn’t be able to read lines from a reg file. What happens if you evaluate this:

lines of file “XYZ.reg” of folder (“C:\Program Files (x86)\ABC”)


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Jesse, the entire reg file comes emtpy with some weird characters for the first line.

q: lines of file “z:\XYZ.reg”

A: ÿþW




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You could check the encoding…

  1. Open the .reg file in notepad.

  2. Go to File ->Save As…

  3. Next to the Save button should be an Encoding pulldown. Select ANSI.

  4. Try the lines of file “z:\XYZ.reg” relevance again.

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Thanks Boyd, changing it to ANSI from default Unicode format seems to work for resolving with Relevance Debugger. Most likely I am not going to change the reg file encolding format as the file is part of an application directory and will need to consult the App Dev team. I was able to change the relevance code based upon creation date, i.e. (now - creation time of file “z:\XYZ.reg” > 60*day)