How to display è into a string

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I’m not able to write a string with char “è”. I’m trying to use the escape char %, but without success.

Q: “è”

A: %e8

T: 0.032 ms

Q: “%e8”

A: %e8

T: 0.034 ms

Anyone can help?


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“%e8” = “è” so you are doing the right thing… but I don’t think that BigFix will try to display it (it will show the percent encoded version rather than displaying the character).


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I’m on the right way, but it doesn’t work.

if I digit:

Q: “%65”

A: e

T: 0.045

So it doesn’t work with “%e8” (è) and with all the other italian chars like ò, à , ù, etc.

Is it in plan a fix for this.