How to determine if VNC Video Driver is loaded

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We had a good amount of computers imaged from an image without the VNC video driver loaded…

I want to get a list of which computers don’t have the driver installed. I’m not sure what the easiet way to do this would be… Possibly looking if %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\vncdrv.dll exists?

Also, I


all the versions use the same video driver and if that’s the case would it be relatively easy to push this out?

Sorry, but I’m just demoing the Patching right now so I’m not up to speed on all this product can do.


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Hey tscott,

Perhaps start with the relevance you mentioned and see how well that works:

versions of files “vncdrv.dll” of system folder


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Thanks for the reply… How would I do this? I’m still figuring everything out… Also, where is the manual that shows how to do this type of stuff?


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You might thumb through the docs (especially the admin guide) at

To add a property, you can go to “Tools > Manage Properties”…