How to delete a folder and replace with a new one on client pc

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H new to BigFix and need to create/modify a fixlet which would allow us to delete and replace a folder on our client computers. What would be the easiest way?


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You should just use the DOS commands. For example:

waithidden mkdir -p “c:\path\to\create”

waithidden rmdir /S /Q “c:\path\to\delete”

Another option if you are more comfortable with a different scripting language like VB is to write out the VB script in the action and then execute the script.

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Thanks, I tried that with no luck. Not sure, but am I supposed to delete everything out of the action list for the fixlet or just add this instead of something else. Here is what I have, I was using the software deployment wizard to try and copy a folder with files into a location. Then the users would open there program with the new files.

download http://S-NA-04:52311/Uploads/f1081fc22e6d008e91b749316442a7384c36b6db/Utility.tmp

continue if {(size of it = 19881210 AND sha1 of it = “f1081fc22e6d008e91b749316442a7384c36b6db”) of file “Utility.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

extract Utility.tmp

waithidden rmdir /S /Q “c:\Program Files\TEST\Utility”

This was to try and delete the folder, and then I was going to mess with copying once this was working.

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Hi jjjkmoore,

If you are using latest version of BES Platform (, you can use new action script commands “Folder Create” and “Folder Delete”.

Then you can use a piece of vbscript to copy all files to the new folder.

I am assuming that the “Utility” folder only contains files, no sub folders.

This would be something like

download http:


{(size of it = 19881210 AND sha1 of it = 
"f1081fc22e6d008e91b749316442a7384c36b6db") of file 
"Utility.tmp" of folder 
}   extract Utility.tmp   Folder Delete 
"c:\Program Files\TEST\Utility" Folder Create 
"c:\Program Files\TEST\Utility"   createfile until EndOfVbScript   Set fso = CreateObject(
"Scripting.FileSystemObject")   Set sourceFolder = fso.GetFolder(
"{pathname of client folder of current site}\__Download")   Set destFolder = fso.GetFolder(
"c:\Program Files\TEST\Utility")   Set sourceFiles = sourceFolder.Files For each file In sourceFiles If (fso.FileExists(destFolder & 
"\" & file.Name) = false) Then Call file.Copy(destFolder  & 
"\" & file.Name) End If Next   EndOfVbScript   move __createfile 
"script.vbs"   waithidden 
"{pathname of client folder of current site}\script.vbs"


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That did the trick!! Appreciate the help.

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Hi Arnaud,

Thanks dear. You are such a gra8 persion.