How to create an automatic group based on a range of IP address

I’ve done some searching, but have not been able to figure this one out.
I’m trying to create some Automatic Groups with a couple of different criteria:
The first set of criteria is if the computer name contains a certain phrase. The second part of the criteria is the tricky part. I want to get all computers with IP addresses between ( AND 10.102.254/24) OR ( AND OR ( OR (10.106.0/24) BUT NOT (( OR (
For the most part, each concept in our company has a specific IP range or formula. But of course there are exceptions. And the exceptions make things tricky.


In my experience the exceptions will continue to grow and make maintaining a relevance statement untenable.

What I’d suggest instead is the Location Property Wizard, which allows you to import a couple of spreadsheet columns to map each subnet to a client setting and property as key/value pairs.

Following up on JasonWalker’s advice, here’s how I do this…

If you don’t already have it - create a property under tools, manage property, SubnetAddress-MyCo or w/e you’d like to name it w/ this relevance:

subnet address of ip interfaces whose (loopback of it = false) of network

Then you can use bigfix webreports to scrape that property, or create automatic groups with contains/does not contain statements. Works well enough; I manage approx 410 subnets…

SubnetAddress-MyCo contains 192.xx.xx. etc.

What if there’s more than network card in the computer? Wouldn’t this logic only return the first one (or was that the intent)?