How to check WMI version and its status?

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Is there an existing analysis for WMI version and status? Thanks

Can you provide an example of the version number? Do you know where to find the version number through WMI or the registry or a file or the command line?

Do you mean like this:

What kind of status?

Do you know how to get the status you are looking for on the command line? Can you provide examples or more details?

This might be what you want for the WMI version:

Q: string values of selects "BuildVersion from Win32_WMISetting" of wmis
A: 14393.0
T: 13.475 ms
I: plural string

Hi James,

We just want to know if WMi is enabled or not on an endpoint. Thanks

Hi JAmes,

Exists Wmi = true. what does this means? Thanks

Hi All,

any existing analysis for this please. Thanks

The relevance

exists wmi = true

will tell you if the wmi inspector is enabled or not but not really if there is an issue with it on the endpoint (sometimes WMI has problems)

So the below might help too

exists wmis whose (string values of selects "BuildVersion from Win32_WMISetting" of it)

might go better?

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Hi Alan,

What does the second relevance do? Thanks