How to check D ,E space

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I can see the c drive space in bigfix console, similarly, I want to see D, F drive spaces I need for daily application logs disk space issues

help me, please share the steps helpful

Hello Manikanta,

This appears to be a repeat posting.

Firstly, it does not help to keep asking the same question.

Secondly, this is primarily a self-help forum. If you have tried to achieve something, but are getting unexpected results, there are members here who are willing to spend their own time to help you out. The best way to solicit help is to explain what you have done (and post your code here so we can see where things may not be working as you expect) and the symptoms you have.

So, please explain what you have done to try to get the answers you seek.


Hi I found now filtering

if (exists true whose (if true then exists drive of system folder else false)) then ((free space of drive “E:”)/(1024 * 1024)) as string & " MB" else

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