How to Add company Logo in WebUI and Web Report

Hello team,

I want to add my organization logo to the Web UI and Web Report.
Could you suggest something?

In the past, there was a proper document outlining how to adjust the login page, corporate logo, and colouring, but since the new WebUI interface was launched, the document settings have never worked.

We acquired this from our product guys back then, but I’m not sure if it still exists; you might contact your HCL Technical Advisor.

Here is a link to customise the Webreport page, but use with caution.

I have gone through the given document but did not work. because as per that link there are missing tags in the HTML files. I made changes as per my requirement in HTML,CSS code but when I replace that file with the existing file but it is still taking the old file.

Did you try restarting the Webreport service after the changes?

Please keep in mind that the content is very old, and as previously said, many things have changed between then and now. Additionally, there is no support for this document.

I propose that you contact your TA.