How important DSS_SAM_Scanner_UploadedTime is?

How important DSS_SAM_Scanner_UploadedTime is?

I am still new to BigFix, and I have about 1000 Windows PCs and about 30 relays. And some of them are not automatically updated for Microsoft, Acrobat and JRE. I believe most of 1000 machines are almost configured same. But only about 40% of machines are update automatically, and I am trying to find the cause(s).

Then I found those did not get automatic updates have about 2 months old timestamp or older for DSS_SAM_Scanner_UploadedTime in “Client Settings” of each PC. I mean those did not update automatically have end of last January timestamp or older, and those updated have recent timestamp within one week from today or so.

And my goal is find the cause and fix the issue to automate updates. I would really appreciate if some can tell me below questions:

  1. (repeated) How important DSS_SAM_Scanner_UploadedTime is? Can I ignore this and look for somewhere else?

  2. If this were important, what does this timestamp mean? I tried the Google and nothing found.

  3. Is there any easy fix for this? (Please remember, I am still new to BigFix.)


I have looked at several machines’ logs at below directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BESClient__BESData__Global \Logs

And I found 7th line from top has below entry:
ICU report character set

Then I compared with those automatically updated ones to others. And I found below:
Ones automatically updated: UTF-8 - Transcoding Disabled
Ones not automatically updated: Windows-1252 (Latin 1 / Western European) - Transcoding Enabled

I really do not know how those character set were assigned. But I am thinking there are two different templates or something used to deploy BES clients.

Can anyone advice on this one, too?

Thank you!

Now I found more interesting information. I looked at below log files on more than 10 PCs.
C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\besclientupgrade.log

In the log, there are entry for below:
Running installation inside multi-package transaction

And I found below:
Ones got automatic update has : C:\Windows\TEMP{xx…xx}\BigFixAgent.msi
Ones did not automatically updated has : C:\Windows\TEMP{xx…xx}\Agent.msi

So even the part of file name says “upgrade”, I wonder if this were installation log, too? I would really appreciate any advices to toward fixing this issue.

(I am sorry that I posted the first message before looking into those log files. But now I thought I should update this thread before someone advise me.)