How do you use escape characters?

Just to bring up a very old topic - how do you use escape characters? I think that is the problem i am facing:

For example:
wait cmd.exe /C “C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\uninstaller.exe” /uninstall - works like a charm;

BUT - if the exe is within a GUID folder:
wait cmd.exe /C “C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{123123-353454-4466-wwa2324}\WindowsSensor.exe” /uninstall - FAILS;

The problem are the ‘{’ braces which are used for GUIDs; What is the best way to make the action script use the braces for file location - i believe its expecting relevance?

I tried using \{ but that doesnt work either. ANy solutions?

Please make a new topic for this. Replying on a very old thread does several unintended things, especially since your new question is not related to the original topic.

I split this out into a new topic instead of reviving an old topic.

Ah, I see @jgstew split this.

Short version - when you are not in a Relevance Substitution, and you want to use { without starting a relevance substitution, double it up - {{

When you are in a Relevance Substitution, and want to use } without ending the substition, double it up - }}

So it would look something like this

wait cmd.exe /C "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{{123123-353454-4466-wwa2324}\WindowsSensor.exe" /uninstall

And if you had a guid string inside of a substitution -

appendfile {"the path was C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{123123-353454-4466-wwa2324}}\WindowsSensor.exe"}

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…but is that a typo or something odd going on? GUIDs should be hexadecimal digits - there’s no “ww” in a GUID…

my apologies - i was just typing really fast to give a random example; thats not really a GUID;

That did it! Thanks a lot.