How do I create a Golden Image(vmware) with a BigFix Client

We installed version on a Golden Image (VMware) and tried to recompose on new clients and we noticed that on the BigFix console the new VMs are duplicated with a different Computer ID. How can we solve the problem??
Please can someone help me to resolve this issue
Thank you

Not sure I understand the use-case. If you clone a VM from one instance to another, I’d expect to generate a new computer id for each instance.

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My 2 cents:

Main reasons causing duplicate entries for a computer in the console

How avoid duplicates restoring a VM:

The following may also help:

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I really don’t understand the question. It sounds like you are just explaining how BigFix works. Every VM that has registered in BigFix should have it’s own ID. Computer name is just a property of that ID. You could have 1,000 computers with the same hostname, but unique IDs, if you really wanted to.

not really…having installed the Big fix client on a Golden Image, on vmware, my goal is to reproduce which image on a number of clients. When clients receive the image (Recompose), on the BigFix console each client sees it as a duplicate with a different computer ID.

To go straight to the answer of the original question: How do I create a Windows computer image with a BigFix Client pre-installed on it? - Customer Support
This will prevent the duplication as every image you starts will register as a new client.

we tried as a solution, but this path did not solve the problem

when I launch a recompose from the Golden Image where the BigFix Client client is installed on one or more clients, on the BigFix console I find the client with the same name, duplicated several times but with different Computer IDs

When the client receives the image (recompose), each VM is a different computer and should have a different computer ID.

Beware, if you are using cloud plugins, each VM deployed must have a different UUID.

even if the VM name is always the same??

The VM Name is just an attribute; it doesn’t uniquely identify the vm…