How can I set up a different URL address for BigFix WebUI?

Dear friends,

I would like to know if there’s any way I can set up webui to be accessible through a different address (URL).

For example, let’s say my BigFix WebUI Server (which is also my Root Server) has the Hostname: BIGFIXSERVER then my webui address will also be “”, right?

But what if I want something different, such as: “

Is it pratical or somehow possible?

Thank you.

Yes, you would do this by setting up an alias in your DNS service. If you’ve issued your own certificates for WebUI, also be sure that both hostnames are included as Subject Alternate Names so the certificate is valid on both URLs


Well, simple as that!

Thank you, Sir!

This is exactly how we do it. The main server has its own CNAME which we use for the masthead, Web reports has its own CNAME as does WebUI. We currenlty have Web Reports and WebUI on the same server though not the main Bigfix server and by using separate CNAMES for each, we have kept it open to be able to split services fairly easily at a later date if nessesary