How can I connect BigFix and NIM at separated servers?


I have a question about cooperation between BigFix and NIM server.

My situation is that I have one NIM master server which has define machines (clients) and networks and all what it neet. On the other server is installed BigFix server for patching of our servers.

How can I join to cooperate BF with NIM server. Example I want download a new SP and install it to client host but client don’t have so much free disk space. Is possible to configure bigfix for first to download SP to nim server and over nfs technology share this correct dir to installed host server in one operation?

How can I configure BF to donwload SP or TL into the NIM server to nfs share dir which is on the other server ?

Does exists some documentation of configuration BF with NIM server? I study some documents and I think that I can only run NIM master on server where is installed BF but I don’t know how join this two technologies which are on separate servers.

Thanks for help.

Have you reviewed the following link:

I think it contains all you need for setting up the integration.

Hello Fermt

The Link says about creating a new NIM master server. Can I know how to integrate an existing NIM master into BES Console ?