How can i cause ClientUI to pop up when new actions are available?

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I only recently started using the ClientUI option (with “Offer” in the deployment options).

what i noticed that the only indication a user receives is a small icon in his system tray.

from what i have seen, most users don’t notice the icon, and those who do notice it - ignore it.

can i cause Bigfix client UI to pop up when new action offers are available?



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Hi Shlomi,

Does this help?


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I have the exact opposite need. Our user’s feel the need to click on everything and if they see that they can have certain software installed then they will most definitely install it. Is there a functionality to lock that so only when we have a support person rdp in they can open it and install it?



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Hi Jesse,

You can consider using “NoTray” mode so that the clientUI won’t show itself to users and then if a technician wants to see it, you can use “TriggerClientui.exe” shortcut so they can launch the file (some more info here:


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You’re the man Ben!