How Advance VM Management ( distributed ) show in ILMT web console

Hi Everyone who have Advance VM setup,

A silly question here. i have deployed advance VM management on one (different network) server as per (

How does it show in my ILMT 9.2 web consol?

ALL distributed IBM licensed software will only show in the Advance VM server?

or show a new installed server with IBM product? if yes, how to check if it is from the advance VM?

so far i have the new Advance VM show and its only have 1 product detected - bigfix client.

really appreciate if anyone could advice

Hi ,

Is there anyone can comment on this?

Hi Jimmy,

Your issue looks like a typical PMR.
When you open a PMR you may be asked for data that is not suitable to be exchanged by web.


Hi Andrej,

but this seems like a general enquiry. i wanna know from where i can check the computer from, from which VM? how about on the advance VM (distributed)
do you mean i can only find out by open a PMR?

Hi Jimmy,

Please use following SQL query (against SUADB/TEMADB database) to find out the machine where Centralized/Distributed (advance VM) VM manager has been installed:
SELECT, c.remote_id, c.dns_name, t.is_central FROM sam.vm_manager_tools t inner join dbo.computer_dimension c on t.remote_computer_id = c.remote_id

‘t.is_central’ will tell you if VM host is Centralized or Distributed.


i am using DB2 in LINUX server. do youn have the script