Houston, we have a User Group

We now have a BigFix Houston User Group (HUG)! The group home page and coordination is under the IBM Security Communities at https://community.ibm.com/community/user/security/communities/community-home?CommunityKey=02c017e9-7a01-4f7e-bd30-5bb5b582708f

What can we do with our very own user group? I’m not really sure, let’s find out together!

Other User Groups have coordinated meetups where we can get details on the future roadmap for BigFix, integrations with other products, best practices, and customer stories about overcoming obstacles or pioneering new methods. It’s a chance to meet the experts and get some face time with the BigFix team. A chance to find out that whatever really annoying thing you have to do in a convulated way has some other approach that makes it much simpler.

I’m hoping we can coordinate a first meetup in late August or early September, so start thinking about topics you’d like to raise or the things you’d be willing to present.

Please register at the community site above and we can start collaborating.


I tried clicking on link above, but it prompted me to login even though I was already logged in.
Login prompt wouldn’t take my credentials.


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Nicely done, sir! Registered.

August or September sounds good to me. I’m up for Icecream and IEM (or maybe Bacon and BigFix, in the same vein of Coffee and Cars) :smiley:

You need an IBM Community account to login to the user group forums; this account is not the same as your forum account.

Yes, the IBM Community uses your IBM ID; this (should) be the same account & password you’d use to submit PMR / TS Support Tickets, submit & vote on RFEs, etc.

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Still hoping to get some more signups, so please register if you haven’t already. We’re going to start looking for a venue for a meetup shortly, so we’ll be asking what locations work best for everyone.

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First meetup scheduled