Hostname auto changing

Hi Team,

I have issues in the BES console where few of the server are not reporting with proper hostname, the hostnames are change to “-”. “I”, “0i”

Earlier this were reporting with proper hostanme and this is happening randomly with any host.

If the hostname is less than = 15 characters, BigFix will precisely match the MS guidelines. If the hostname is longer than 15 characters, BigFix’s “Computer Name” property will display 15 characters of the hostname; however, if you want the full hostname, check out BigFix’s “DNS Name” property.

And I think you’re observing the same thing!

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This clients where earlier reporting with proper hostname which is assign to them, how we can troubleshoot this issue in BigFix console or do we need to check from client end.

You must work with your Windows administrator or the owner of these devices to fix the hostname so that it adheres to Microsoft’s suggestion of using no more than 15 characters. If the hostname exceeds this limit, there is nothing you can do in BigFix to make it appear under Computer Name.

I have seen the hostname is 11 characters and also there are 5k server reporting to console but only in 2 host i seen above issues, i re sync them with BES console, by deleting from BES console, restarting the BES services but still same issue. Again reporting with unique hostname

When you execute the hostname command on the affected device, what do you see? Is the hostname in the BigFix console not matching?

Have you verified that the hostname, IP address, and Mac address all belong to the same machine? Do the IP address and Mac address match when you click on the same hostname in BigFix where you see the issue?