Home Network Sharing Problem

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I have 2 computers on my home network, one is running Windows XP Professional, SP3 (A) and one is running Windows 7 (B). I have set drive and folder sharing on both as best I know. Each computer sees the other on the network. When working from computer A, I click on the icon for computer B and get the message that I cannot access computer B. I may not have permission to access computer B. I am operating as “Administrator” on both computers.

When working from computer B, I can access the drive and all folders on computer A.

Please tell me what I have to do to access the drives and folder on computer B when operating from computer A. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry Weimar… This forum is for BigFix customers to discuss BigFix issues…

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Forgive me. I did not realize this is a restricted forum. Thank you.