High cpu due to besclient

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I have several users complaining that the besclient is using almost 100% of their cpu.

My question are:

(1) Can I capture the CPU activity information so that I can see what process is actually taking all of the CPU?

(2) Would changing the _BESClient_Resource_WorkIdle to a value lower than “10”, as well as _BESClient_Resource_SleepIdle to a value higher than “490” provide a besclient that is running but wont take that many CPU cycles?


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Hey caifan,

You have a serious problem if the BES Client is using high CPU… there is probably something very wrong with some custom content or some configuration… Please contact support and they will work with you to address the issue.


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Hi Ben,

I will contact support for further analysis, but is there a way for me to capture cpu activity? I still would like to explore that option…


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You can enable the emsg log to a high detail level and we can see what the agent is doing: