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I am working on the action script where I have to pass a username and password but the same is getting visible in client log file, kindly suggest a way so that username and password should not visible in client log file?

It sounds like you need a fixlet with Secure Parameters. The discussion at Secure Parameters may be helpful, along with an example fixlet at https://bigfix.me/fixlet/details/26939

To create a fixlet with Secure Parameters, unfortunately you have to edit it outside of the console (to supply the HTML form and JavaScript call to fill in & encrypt the parameters), and then import the fixlet.

Actions with Secure Parameters have to be targeted to specify computers - they cannot be Dynamically Targeted by Group or by Property - because the parameters are encrypted individually for each target computer, and those computer keys must be known at action issue time.

“Action Log” will work if your only concern is keeping your secret hidden in logs; however, @JasonWalker 's recommended approach is better.

Guide for Action log:

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