Help with relevance substitiution

This is with regards to an actionscript. I’m attempting to check for the existence of a file that contains the computer name in the path. However, the relevance substitution for “computer name” does not seem to be occurring.

Here’s the output from the client log whereby computer name was NOT substitiuted. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Command succeeded (evaluated false) continue if {exists file ("__download\RPF__Output" & computer name & “__RPFDone”)}

As a test I tried the following and this is working correctly which is unusual because the if exists statement below uses a similar relevance substitution for “computer name”.

if {exists file (“C:” & computer name & “”)}
delete "C:\{Computer name}"
dos reg save HKLM "C:\{Computer name}"

Disregard -

Appears the relevancy substitution is actually occurring, it’s just that the substitutions are not being displayed in the client log file.