Help with relevance query

what is the right documentation for this query, i do this and get nothing :

(id of it, name of it) of bes fixlets whose ( name of it contains “mystring” and name of it contains “mystring2”)

what i did wrong?

Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

First thing I’d note is that the bes fixlets inspector is provided only in Session Relevance - where you have a connection to the server, such as in a Dashboard, Web Reports, or API call. A client cannot connect to the database, so if you are attempting to use this in the Fixlet Debuuger, Analysis, or Fixlet on the client you will not get a result.

If you are using this in the correct context (Session Relevance), the other thing I’d note is that the use of “and” means you will only get fixlets that include both “mystring” and “mystring2” in their names. If you want a list of fixlets containing either “mystring” or “mystring2”, you would need to use “OR”.

thank you very much, i tried the OR and its was good thank you

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