Help/Documentation With Using Secret Parameters in Fixlet

So help needed.

We have fixlets that already exist that hide a password as a secret parameter so that way we can deploy fixlets that will do things such as run scripts to create tasks as a specific user.

Unfortunately, The person who figured out how to do that no longer works for the company, and I can find no documentation that actually shows how to do this (fixlets for days though) anywhere.

Anyone want to point me in the right direction, so I can team my team members how to do the same with their fixlets? Copying an existing fixlet as a template if fine, but understanding it is better I would say.

The trick to secret parameters is in the Description field. The best way to see what’s happening is to export an existing fixlet, and then read the XML in a text editor.

Basically the Description field contains HTML code. This includes the input textbox for yhe secret parameter. It uses Javascript to override the event to take an action (sorry I don’t recall the actual event name), encodes the secret parameter and supplies it to the action event.

The Console provides all the functions for encoding the parameter and firing the action, you just have to call them. This should not require more than a couple of lines of javascript on your part.

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Please see the following for a relatively simple example:

As @JasonWalker suggests, the trick is in the description field, which you can see in the XML output of an exported Fixlet. Specifically, look for ‘TakeSecureFixletAction’.