Health report of BigFix client

Can someone suggests how to create the Health report of BigFix agents?

Are there particular elements that you would like to see from a ‘health report of BigFix agents’?

Have you seen the Health Checks Dashboard?

Generally what I believe, BigFix provides real time update for clients active or in active.
and reported clients in the console itself a “Health Report”. But customer is asking “Health Report of clients” same as SCCM console provides.

I am confused here. Regarding Health Check Dashboard, yes I know this.

The Bigfix console uses the “Last Report Time” to determine if an BES agent is active. It is “the time at which the BigFix client on your computer last communicated with the BigFix server”. The console shows the inactive computers as “greyed” in the computer list view.

I have not seen this SCCM console “Health Report of Clients” before. What sorts of things do they have in there? If you can give us some insight, we might be able to help you with BigFix equivalence.

Yes it is there in SCCM like validation check for all active machines and it results “pass”.

Sorry to come back to the “Deployment health check” dashboard, It is not clear to me why the below “Expired Computers” view doesn’t fit your requirement. If you expand the “Expired Computers” you get a list of not reporting computers. The “Duplicated Computers” also shows the list of computers having more instances in the console. If you combine those two information you can find the “actual” not longer responding computers.

What is missing from there, that you would like to see ?

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looking for this type of report.

This is console Health. I know this already it’s a basic thing. we check this out while regular maintenance.

Let see if I can find something sort of based on customer’s concern.

@SysAdmin3 the SCCM report you linked too from Enhansoft seems be met with the BigFix dashboards in BigFix Support site. Look for “Deployment Overview” and “Deployment Health Checks” under Dashboards>BES Support in the BigFix console.

No that’s not exactly same. I already checked this.
Sorry I am unable to provide the right requirements how customer wants to see the report.

Thanks for the inputs.