Having problem with export to CSV files in IBM WebReport

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Dear all,

Since our WebReport been upgrade to IBM version, the CSV files in exported had a strange behavior, in the old version the character for every column using comma and when in one column having mulitple value, it’s used semicolon

But in the new version, for multiple value, it use character enter, so when it display using notepad the information is absurd

Example for the old version :

“”“A000C-ACC192"”",""“1280 MB”"",""“slamet001900"”",""“ST380013AS”"; ““Kingston DataTraveler G3 USB Device””",""“False”""

And in the new version, it’s look like :

A000C-ACC192,1280 MB,slamet001900,ST380013AS

Kingston DataTraveler G3 USB Device,False

Have anyone having the same problem ?



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Me too!

Is there any way to change the multiple result delimiter as in Excel Connector ?


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Hey guys,

The reason for this change was to fix a bug. The problem was that results could have semi-colons, which means it was a bad delimiter.

The new format is still compliant with CSV and it should open up fine in Excel.

It is pretty ugly in a text viewer, but you might consider using the Excel Connector to get the info you want in a pretty way (and I think it has options for the multiple result format):



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Hi Ben.

"The new format is still compliant with CSV and it should open up fine in Excel. "

In Version: 8.2.1093.0 CSV exports data in the same way





This is a problem if we want to use a scheduled CSV export of a report that we want to analyze by a script or something else, and also via Excel.

Excel connector is a great tool but I couldn’t automize any operation.