HashMismatch Action Status

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I have deployed an action just to prefetch the file on one of the client and it’s giving the action status as ‘HashMismatch’.Seems the files SHA values are changing after download.
I have tried with the below line.For the other files also the HashMisMatch status is coming.

prefetch BESRelay.exe sha1:30b09149c303152b0748f69dc9795940d824ee0b size:11619000 http://software.bigfix.com/download/bes/95/BigFix-BES-Relay- sha256:fb49155651347d37af067ca23d9b29db08d8bea39fbbb3706f63166e36bef328

Can any one help on this?
@Aram @JasonWalker

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Do you have a proxy server or antivirus modifying the files? You’ll need it to stop doing that…