Has anyone solved the issue with Active Directory Path for Linux property (appears no inspector) - displays none

It looks like the AD information is only collected for Windows and Mac machines. I took a look at the property and the Relevance it uses. and then I looked up the “distinguished name of local computer of active directory” in the Inspector Search, and it shows this is only for Windows and Mac.

Has anyone else figured out how to use AD directory path for computers that are not mac or windows, such as Linux?
Is there another approach that can be taken?

Has a PMR been written for this enhancement?

That would be dependent upon your client-side implementation (OpenLDAP? Samba? Quest Authentication Service? Likewise? Centrify?)

That is part of the reason why its not yet done due to the complexity :slight_smile: And you’d want an RFE filed not a PMR

So, on your client, how would you determine this info from the command line or config file entry?