Hardware Inventory is NOT showing up correctly


I could see that scanner is not installed on few of the computers. Cloud type is not changing to “Public Cloud” even after clicking on “Mark As Public Cloud”.
When I try to install scanner on all the computers, it skills these computers as it does not detect them as “Applicable” while they should be.
There are missing scans, scans are not getting uploaded and whole dashboard is in bad state and somehow I ma not able to fix it even after trying many fixes.

Pls find the screenshot attached.

Pls advise.

Thank You,

Are all computers subscribed to the IBM License Reporting (ILMT) v9 site?

BigFix uses a series of tests in each fixlet to determine applicability. In the Troubleshooting folder there is Fixlet ID 15: Analyze the Relevance of a Fixlet or Task ( which will create an analysis which displays which of the tests is returning false, making the installation of the scanner not applicable.


I checked this and found that out of 53 computers 36 computers has scanner not installed. What could be done?

Which of the 13 relevance statements is returning false? From there you can troubleshoot the issue.