GUI QnA for Mac

Does anyone know if there is (or if there are plans to develop) a GUI version of QnA for Mac? It sure would be nice. The command-line format is killing me. :smile:

Sometimes a bit easier, you can echo relevance to the QnA on Mac:

echo "system version" | /Library/BESAgent/ 
Default masthead location, using /Library/Application Support/BigFix/BES Agent/actionsite.afxm
A: 10.11.3
T: 2514

I think a small gui app would be cool.

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There isn’t one, and I don’t think there are plans to make one.

There is however a Query tool that is in BETA for the WebUI that may fill that gap.

Also, you can do “remote” relevance through an analysis property. Not ideal, but I do use this method often.

I did a quick GUI this morning. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. My first swift app!


Thanks @rustymyers this is very useful!

I created a BigFix installer for it:

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@rustymyers Thank you so much for doing this. I will try to run this on my Mac tomorrow. I will report back.


Would you mind sharing the code for the QnA GUI and maybe we can open source the improvements to this?

BTW, the GUI you created is awesome! Much,much better that the command-line version of QnA.

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My GitHub link has the code for sharing. Please feel free to make pull requests.

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