Google Chrome Hash Mismatch

Error in Google Chrome Fixlet “14011554 Google Chrome 124.0.6367.79 Available” deployment. Please rectify the fixlet. Also, Google Chrome v124.0.6367.91 is already released. Please upload the fixlet. Following are the error details.

File: googlechromestandaloneenterprise64.msi
Status: Failed
Details: Download error: “Requested size 121126912 does not match actual size 121131008”
Download requested on server:
Hash: (sha256)27ac917eca5988bf98ad2deae759a3c1ba0659cf4136a8b6846368693fe0198f
Size: 121126912 bytes

File: googlechromestandaloneenterprise.msi
Status: Failed
Details: Download error: “Requested size 109592576 does not match actual size 109572096”
Download requested on server:
Hash: (sha256)a627c52e87cdb3bd76b3c32eaa7da9ff08d620f6f7ec54b81dad3d1281430962
Size: 109592576 bytes

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The faulty fixlet “14011554 Google Chrome 124.0.6367.79 Available” was published on 24th April. Today its 30th April and its been 6 long days that the Google Chrome fixlet does not work and also the newly released version “124.0.6367.91” fixlet is not published in BigFix yet. Guys, can you please be more proactive with the community feedback and expedite the issue resolution?

I moved this to a new topic, as it’s a recurring issue.

Basically Chrome is not a good fit with our current patching model - we don’t deploy files we cannot verify, and Google replaces the download file too frequently for us to verify and re-publish.

Internally we’re.looking at some improvements in this area but for now the discussion at How to handle Google Chrome? - #15 by JasonWalker may be helpful.

I describe a couple of different methods there: one is a Fixlet at to just download & install whatever Chrome version is available, without verifying hashes. The other is a method to use BESDownloadCacher to prefetch Chrome more frequently (several times a day for instance) so that you have a cached version that matches our Fixlets.


I haven’t seen that version. We got version “124.0.6367.92”.

Googling gives some hits to related to this version and an update related to Angular.


New stable build released “124.0.6367.118”

As noted, this is a common regular issue.

The workflow goes like this:

  1. Google puts out new Chrome using the same URL as previous version.
  2. HCL creates fixlet based on the HASH value and size of the installation file from #1
  3. BigFix customer uses the fixlet to install successfully. At this point the file would be cached locally in BigFix and (when using a traditional relay structure), would continue to work for years as long as the file is still cached.

If step #1 occurs before the BigFix user performs step #3, this issue will occur as the source file size & hash has changed. At this point, you either need to wait for a new Fixlet from HCL, obtain the original installer the fixlet is looking for and cache it into BigFix, or create your own fixlet.

Note: If your environment is not leveraging the most common relay structure and has relays/clients directly downloading from the internet, then you will have a lot more problems.

Just mention a different approach, I hope HCL will take for Google Chrome binaries - Google Chrome Links - Alternative Suggestion