Google Chrome 98.0.4758.80 - download incorrect

Please update the Chrome update it has an invalid download.

Google Chrome 98.0.4758.80
ID 14011317
Site Updates for Windows Applications

Download error: "Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 63897467bbdace8d515f096ed9419055bf29b83c does not match actual sha1 3f18786c0497d8e4c422322235787f780c519049"
Download error: “Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 ef0f77ab34b985409a9e3cf53afabbfe2190dc30 does not match actual sha1 3da1d30749b33fcdce92088f741be874daf66e89”



This is not wrong, it’s just outdated.
Google has released a new version, 98.0.4758.82 and doesn’t allow the download of older versions.

I guess there shortly will be released a new fixlet soon.


The fixlet has still not been updated yet. This is our Patch week and we need to apply this update before the end of the day… Any ETA on when this will be resolved?


I believe it was just updated -

In general, for Chrome I’d recommend you 'Take Action on at least one machine as soon as the Fixlet is available. That ensures the download gets cached on your server, and you can keep using the Fixlet with the cached download later after Google updates the download link.