Globally Hidden Fixlets show up in wepreports

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I have an issue, I have created a filter under the Overview section including about 300 xp computers,

I have included: Fixlet sources: Microsoft, and have Include Active Directory Path: OU=site…

So the report shows up, and looking in the Bes console it looks really nice, but in the web reports i get 90 % important, when it should be 90 % unclassified. looking in the list beneath it dont show any 90 % important fixlets?

When i then look in the console and under Globally hidden fixlets i find that the patch:

MS07-012: Vulnerability in Microsoft MFC Could Allow Remote Code Execution - Windows XP SP2 - CORRUPT PATCH

and believe it is included somehow. I unhide it in the console and then refresh the cache of web reports and then i can see it in the list beneath

I do the same filter but choose to exclude the fixlet, then it looks nice.

I then globally hide it in the console. and refresh the cache and do the filter again.

Same result, 90% important. Fixlet cannot be found in list.

So i try to go in and do following onto the filter:

Exclude CVE: CVE-2007-0025

And then it is correct again??

Do you have any idea what this is?? And how i can resolve it?

Best Regards // Fredrik

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Hi Fredrik,

Let me see if I understand your issue correctly:

Globally hidden fixlets are being included in the graphs on the overview page when a Web Reports filter is applied, but do not show up in fixlet lists. When there is no Web Reports filter, reports appear as expected.

Is that correct?

Mike Ottum

Web Reports Developer


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Was there any resolution to this??? I have the same issue, we can’t upgrade java because of a web app so all the PCs are showing missing a critical patch.

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ktm_2000, what version of Web Reports are you using?

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Are there any methods to have web reports not show fixlets which are marked “globally hidden” in the BES console? We have a fixlet which cannot be patched because of an app compatibility problem

The “Globally hidden” fixlets do not show up in the list of top 10 fixlets missing, but the big red circle is always big and red.

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This is an issue with Web Reports that has been addressed in our 8.0 release. In 8.0, you can choose to filter out hidden fixlets in Web Reports on a report by report basis.