Give operators access to each other's sites

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but I can’t figure this out. I have two operators that have their own content, baselines, fixlets, tasks, etc. Is there a way to give each operator access to each other’s site and contents? Their individual sites do not show up in the site list (I assume because they are not MSOs) and even though they have access to the same computers and groups, I’d like to be able to allow them to share their contents with each other, or maybe add them to an operator group where members can see each other’s custom content.

Is this something that can be done?


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Operator sites cannot be shared. You can create a custom site and give them both access to it.

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Thanks Matt! I created a custom site and gave them both access to it, however when they are creating new baselines, all they see is their own %username%'s Site and not the shared one. Is there some kind of magic that needs to happen for them to be able to post to a shared site?

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No magic that I’m aware of. They should see the custom site in the drop down “create in site”. If they do not then I would verify they have write permissions to the site. If they do, then you could try and have them clear there console cache and re-open the console to see if that fixes it.

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Thanks much, clearing TEM Console cache did the trick!