As some of you may have noticed, BigFix has started to increase it’s presence on GitHub, at! And as many more of you know, there’s a lot of cool stuff that can be built on top of, along side, and documented in relation to our product(s). Here are some of the things we’ve open sourced so far:


Use this repo along with documentation via:

and you’re primed for automation, and world domination


zip? tar? wat is bfarchive?! Not anymore.


Vagrant is a tool for easily creating reproducible development environments using virtual machines. We can’t share the Vagrant boxes themselves… but that doesn’t we can’t share the recipe (via packer) for creating them! Trying and testing Endpoint Manager is now a vagrant up away.


make-prefetch makes it easy to generate prefetch statements for use in actions, including SHA-1 and SHA-256 calculation.

and more…

We have a lot more ideas to make us harder, better, and faster. I’m sure you do, too. Suggestions, concerns, and questions are a GitHub issue, reply, or pull request away.

We’re also hiring.