Getting operator site usage?

Hi All,

I would like to keep an eye on people running content out of their own operator sites for the the Windows computers subscribed to the custom site I use. I don’t have elevated Bigfix privileges, so I was thinking I would;

a) Create a powershell script to run ad-hoc and scan the Bigfix client logs and collate the opsiteXXX information to a CSV file.

b) Create an analysis to check the Bigfix client logs once a day and count the occurrences of each opsiteXXX entry.

Any other approaches I should be considering? I’m leaning toward option b atm as it will give me ongoing data I can easy report on across the fleet.

It would be much easier to get your BigFix Administrator to grant you the “Show other users actions” permission on the BigFix Server.


Thanks Jason, unfortunately this won’t happen. Might put this one on the shelf for now, thanks anyway!