Getting Database Info

I am looking to see if BigFix can pull what database type is installed on a server. (SQL, DB2, Oracle)

There are probably at least three ways to do that.

  1. Inspect the main binary to determine version.
  2. Inspect DB logs, usually there is version info in them.
  3. Run a SQL to query version and output that to a file. Then scoop up the output in an analysis.

Do you have Inventory? Much or all of this should be covered in the default content, you may need to activate a couple of analyses.

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To Jason’s point, if you have Inventory, it’s probably already in there. For those of us who don’t, we’ve learned to be creative to get the data that we need.

Thanks for replying. No I don’t have inventory, our license is Lifecycle. What i was hoping for was an analysis that someone knows of that i can add or activate to get the info i need. I see there are some SQL analysis but i am looking for something that can tell me what database application is installed and i can add that info to a report with other info.