Generate result on local driver like C:\Output"

Run vbe Script from local drive
I have created Software Distribution
//Folder Created
dos mkdir “C:\output”

prefetch 5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd sha1:5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd size:152222 http://BFDEMO:52311/Uploads/5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd/DCB.tmp sha256:d5aedf42a546bfd8c8b28d6ee4614760fea0aa5cb3f8fd0f99bcf66cc4af8f72
extract 5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd “C:\output”

wait “{pathname of system folder & “\cscript.exe”}” C:\output\Techsa.vbs

I have check the generated result on the “C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData\Techsa.csv”

How to generate result on local driver like C:\Output"

Not sure if this could be of help but looking at this document, I believe you should use:

extract 5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd “C:/output” (forward slash) instead of
extract 5d8713f2355a52a7d72011552efe3385b7ce4fdd “C:\output” (backslash)

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The backslash method is fine to use (Windows standard)

If you can restate your question? The steps up to the VBS execution seem to be correct. What is the expectation?