Generate basic reports from BigFix Console

Dear All,

I am facing some issues to launch the Web Reports and I’ve opened a PMR with the support for the same.
I would like to export some basic reports from the console so that I can show the progress of patching recently done. Could anyone tell me if this is possible and how?


There are a number of approaches that you can take here, but perhaps one of the simplest ones is being able to copy/paste lists from the Console to a spreadsheet (or similar). For instance, if you select an action on which you want to report, you can click the ‘Reported Computers’ tab, then copy/paste the results into a spreadsheet to report on the Action Status, along with any Computer Properties of interest:


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Dear Aram,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I have followed what you have mentioned with screenshot and it helped me.
I appreciate the help.

Thank You…!!!