Forums for subscribed fixlet sites

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Here’s a thought… Can we have individual forums for each of the sites that we subscribe to beyond the normal sites like Enterprise Security? Each of us would only be granted access to those subforums the we’re using in our own BES environments.

For instance, I have some questions about a fixlet in the “Updates for Windows Applications”.


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Hey Paul,

Rather than list out each Fixlet site as a forum (which would be quite a few forums), we have chosen to use broader terms like “Patch Management” and “Systems Management” and 'Vulnerabiltiy Management" (we might soon rename these forums to our new names for our bundled offerings like “IT Policy Enforcement”, “Desktop and Server Management”, and “AntiThreat”).

Also, we unfortunately aren’t quite sure who all of you on the forum are and so it would be hard to grant you access to the specific modules that you are have purchased.

But… We much appreciate the fact that sometimes when you discuss specific Fixlets on a Fixlet site, you might be giving important information to people who haven’t licensed the particular Fixlet sites. We are sensitive about this too, but as long as we all have reasonable discussions (i.e., don’t post full Fixlets, its OK to ask about specific relevance if you post the relevance fragment, etc.).

Thanks for being concerned about this!