Forum Request

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Some things we’d like to see in terms of forum functionality:

1 - The ability to subscribe / unsubscribe to topics even if I have not contributed to the topic.

2 - Some way to “save” topics - yes, I can save the link, but different computers = no favorites - yes, I could sync bookmarks to the web

3 - A rating system on posts

4 - Tags (Easier searching, filter posts by BigFix version, etc)

5 - Visual indicators for attachments in topics when view from the forum’s top level

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There is a very strong chance that within a year this forum will be moved here:

Just my personal speculation… this is not an official decree.

Looks like they^H^H^H^H we use Jive:

  1. RSS feed work for this request?

  2. It has “Watch List” and “Watch Forum” features

  3. No rating system… but it does have pretty green stars for “Answered questions”

  4. No tags? :frowning:

  5. Looks like there is a paperclip icon to represent attachments

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I miss working with Jive. It’s extremely flexible, which is potentially good and bad… it can do everything jspanitz asks for, but that doesn’t mean those functions are activated in every deployment :slight_smile: It’s also got a nice WYSIWIG text editor, it would be able to take over the KB if we wanted. The RSS feeds from it are great, you can skim a forum for the important stuff and only go to the main site when you want to reply.

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Ok, perhaps I’ve been asleep at the wheel, but it looks if you are reading a topic - we can subscribe and unsubscribe from them. Not sure if this is new or if it was always there but either way - thanks for having that feature!