Forum interface elements not showing up on IE 11

Does anyone else have this problem, in which the “Appropriate topics include” is always getting in the way of the content?

I’m using Internet Explorer 11 (Not my choice, but what I have to use)

I’d really like to be able to hide it. I’d even put up with it being there for a minute or two before going away when I first login…


Hmmm – you should definitely be able to hide it. On IE 11 does the X not show up in the upper right corner of that? If the X is there, try clicking it to hide. This is what I see (note the X):

Well, it looks like the X isn’t visible! When I clicked around near where the X was in your picture, the window closed! It looks like a few things are being hidden when I view pages, note that there are no icons from modifying the look of this reply:

There should be buttons for quote whole post, Strong, Emphasis,…

When I hover over the hidden buttons, I can see their Description, but the button never appears…


It must be me! I must be having a bad week…


Thanks for helping me find a way to get rid of the hovering window though!



Hey Bob, I’d recommend posting these issues on Discourse is the forum software powering this site, and the developers there are extremely responsive on their forum (as you would expect).

Also, FYI, you can also make sticky topics “unsticky” for yourself by clicking on the pushpin icon next to them in the topic list (provided you can see it).


Hopefully someone from will be able to see this.

@Bob_K did you post it over on If so, post the link here because I’d be interested in following that thread. If not, no one from is on this forum (that I know of), so the only way to get attention on this is to post it over there.

I posted a link to this over there, and now (as requested) I’m posting the link from there over here: