Forensic Services and other components

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Hi Everybody,

Hope you can give me some specific information…

We are in the process of responding to a big tender and proposing Tivoli Endpoint Manager…

Few questions asked and not sure if we can cover this with Tivoli Endpoint Manager but need some clarification…

  1. Does your product or service

offer any Forensic Services

and what are the services

you offer? Please explain

  1. Does your software solution

support Novel 5.1 and any

other versions?

  1. Does your software solution

support All versions of


Can we cover all these components with the new TEM core protection module?

Also to be considered Antivirus and Spyware for:

• Microsoft Exchange 2007 & 2010 (Mail Server Role Defined Servers)

• Cater for all versions of SQL.

• Virtualised Servers on Hyper V and VMWare - I know this is supported

• Share Point 2007 and 2010

• Mobile Data Protection systems and procedures